All parents know how important reading to your child early is in helping them to become good readers. If you didn’t before, hopefully, you do now. Starting a child upon the path to becoming a good learner isn’t something that waits until they start some sort of institutionalized schooling. It can start as early as in the womb. Yes, really. Reading to your child has been proven over and over again to help them to achieve tremendous strides in speech, word recognition, language and much more. But it is also a great way of bonding with that new family member; so benefits them in areas of socialization.

So when it is time for you child to be the one manipulating the book, where should they start. Well, all parents know that paper-paged children’s books just don’t hold up well to the “loving” that an infant or toddler gives them. They’re unique age-related way of reading a book requires some special consideration. This brings up the question of which books are the best type for infants and toddlers.

Cardboard Books

Cardboard books are uniquely constructed to hold up to that special “loving” that an infant or toddler will give them. The learning style of an infant or a toddler is highly dependent upon, touch, taste and sight. So those first books may start out by being put into their mouths. Infants and toddlers will also be a tad bit rougher when learning how to manipulate the turning of the pages. They can do this easier with cardboard pages then paper; as paper has a tendency to rip.

Cardboard Books Geared To Touch

As touch is one of the senses that will play a big part in early reading and learning, books that cater to the varied different textures available are popular with infants and toddlers. There are some great books that compare different, these include things like soft material for them to feel, scratchy material, and smooth or shiny material. These will fascinate the early reader.

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