Children’s short stories at bed time is a great way to warm a child with daily reading. It is a great source of love emotions togetherness and feeling of family strength to grow emotionally and mentally for a better life. Besides these psychological and nurturing benefits, it provides a great foundation of life style and imagination building. It is a great help for elementary reading. Following are some of the benefits of kid’s bed time stories.

1. Increase knowledge of the child:
Kid’s bed time stories are written for children to increase their general knowledge about life everyday matters. Children are na├»ve, they have not experienced much of real life that people have on planet earth. they simply recognize dad and mom or brother or sister, if they have.

2. Intellectual development:

The bed time stories create a sense of reasoning with the different steps in the stories and they learn how cause and reason makes a difference in doing everything. Intellectual development is awesome development for the kids

3. Imaginations expends:

Kid’s bed time stories expand their imagination to the things they have not seen and they start thinking beyond what they have seen so far in their life. The get to know that there is lot more to life than want to know.

4. Curiosity of knowing more about things increases:
Since their imagination is expending they are able to feel that there is always more to everything and they expand their curiosity about everything, which makes them more intelligent and always vigilant to seek learning more.

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